Homemade Mexican Seasoning

Homemade Mexican Seasoning

For the recipe this week, we have a homemade Mexican seasoning! This punchy seasoning is the perfect addition to sauteed vegetables, burritos, burrito bowls, Mexican street corn, nachos, tacos, pizzas, enchiladas, queso, and it even tastes great on popcorn.

Making your own seasoning is a great way to avoid waste, you can make it to your taste, and you know exactly what the ingredients are, it often works out cheaper too.

This recipe makes about 1.5 cups worth of seasoning, can double, or halve the recipe easily. Store in an airtight container in your pantry for up to one month.

Recipe adapted from – Tastes of Homemade.


2 Tbsp Seedy Sister Organic Chili Flakes (Add less if you want mild)

2-4 Tbsp Seedy Sister Nutritional Yeast Flakes (optional, but recommended for cheesy taste)

4 Tbsp Seedy Sister Organic Smoked Paprika

2 Tbsp Seedy Sister Organic Ground Cumin Seeds

2 Tbsp Seedy Sister Organic Oregano Leaf

2 Tbsp Seedy Sister Organic Garlic Powder

2 Tbsp Seedy Sister Organic Onion Powder

1 Tbsp Seedy Sister Organic Himalayan Fine Salt

Mexican Seasoning


Blend together in a blender or food processor – can also just stir by hand, but using a blender makes a fine powder. Taste and adjust to your liking, you may want more chilli, more salt etc.

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