Five Ingredient Vegan Dark Chocolate

Five Ingredient Dark Chocolate

Easter is fast approaching! Why buy eggs when you can make your own? Making your own Easter eggs is the ultimate waste free, healthier option and you will feel that satisfaction of making something from scratch. They make a great gift too! This recipe is simple and adaptable. You can flavour your chocolate how you would like; you could fill the eggs with nut butters, caramel, fruit compote etc or you can leave them solid. These eggs will keep up to 3 weeks in the fridge or 2 months in the freezer.

Recipe is adapted from The Minimalist Baker!


1 ¼ Cup Seedy Sister Organic Cacao Butter – finely chopped

2 Tbsp Seedy Sister Organic Coconut Oil

1 Cup Seedy Sister Organic Cacao Powder

2 Tbsp Seedy Sister Organic Maple Syrup

1 Pinch Seedy Sister Fine Himalayan Salt (optional)

½ Tsp Vanilla Extract

3 Tbsp Seedy Sister Organic Cacao Nibs

Choc Bars


Add about 5cm of water to the bottom of a medium saucepan and bring to a gentle simmer. Set a medium glass on the top of the pot (make sure it is not touching the water in the saucepan).

To the mixing bowl, add the cacao butter and coconut oil and let it gently melt, stirring occasionally with a whisk. This should take around 3 minutes.

Once melted, carefully remove from the heat (and turn off the stove). Add cacao powder to a fine sieve and sift over the melted cacao butter. Whisk gently until combined.

Add the maple syrup, vanilla, and salt (if using) and stir to combine.

Taste and adjust flavour as needed. More cacao powder will make a more intense dark chocolate, more maple will sweeten, more salt will make it saltier, and more vanilla will enhance the chocolate flavour.

Pour your chocolate into Easter eggs or bunny molds, or you can make bars of chocolate.

You can sprinkle cacao nibs on top at this point (Could also try dried chopped fruit, toasted nuts or seeds, sprinkles etc.

Carefully transfer to the freezer to set (about 1 hour) and then remove from the moulds once set.

Store in the refrigerator or freezer but bring to temperature almost up to room temperature before consuming. They are creamier and more flavourful when consumed this way.

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